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I, AFRICA™ aims to modify the African narrative by amplifying the voices of its most eligible narrators - the Africans themselves. 


We aim to wholesomely portray the African continent and its people by:

having Africans tell their  own stories through a series of photographs, videos and podcasts;


highlighting the works of African entrepreneurs, and social change leaders;


advertising African-owned businesses.

I wrote a paper on the Yoruba language a couple years ago addressing the conflict of being an African who grew up in America. I talked about how I was told I wasn't "American" enough by individuals who were expecting me to conform, as if it was wrong to be Nigerian and proud.

Dulet is a traditional meal prepared from finely cut meat, butter, and some pepper. I am sorry that I can’t explain it more. Not because I learned English just last year when I came to Cornell, but because it is what it is. That is the case for most traditionally or culturally worthy things from Africa. The more you try to explain them the more they lose their value.

I believe the way for people to see Africa as a land of prosperity is to visit the different countries, talk to the different people, and invest in different African businesses. Much of the media and history books paint Africa in a bad light, but if people take the second to learn about the land they will be pleasantly surprised.

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