My name is Tom Mwanzanje Mbega. I am originally from Mombasa, Kenya.Within my household, we mostly speak Swahili and English (yes English again). We also speak partly Duruma and Kamba which make up the two ethnic communities that my father and mother are from respectively. Walking around campus everyday, I have been asked several questions like: How I came to the U.S? How I am able to speak English fluently? Do I know Simba from lion king? Do you have fast food in Kenya or how comes you don't sound like other Kenyans? Well as much as these questions tend to sadden me most of the time, I have never felt ashamed of where I come from. Just like any other country, African countries have their own share of problems and presenting one side of the story is always poisonous. Africa is as beautiful as the smiles and laughter we tend to inspire in our friends. People speak about the new Africa and how its gotten better but Truth is, there is no new Africa; we only see a new Africa because we just received a new perspective in viewing Africa.

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