America, the land of opportunity, has a wealth of resources to offer any and everyone willing to put in the hard work, perseverance, and passion for the job at hand. This is great because the education system in Ghana tries hard to inculcate these values in its students, making us great candidates for the job market. Unfortunately, there has been a steady drain of brain power from our countries because the intelligent and underemployed citizens leave in frustration, searching for a better way of life. In as much as I am attracted to the American lifestyle, I feel that Ghana and the rest of Africa would benefit more from the knowledge I have acquired here over the course of my education. There, I can make a more impactful change in society with the help of people willing and able to work with me. Remunerations may not be as great and living conditions may not be as comfortable, but I believe I'd be happier making progress where there has been little, rather than trying to advance progress and research that has already been built up over so many years. It has been a hard decision to make, but I feel that concessions have to be made in order to contribute my quota to the development of my beloved continent. In that vein, there is no particular country where I want to live and work in Africa. The country I end up in would be contingent on the skills I develop through school, my work experience, and the areas that would benefit most from them. I know I am going to try to live a life of service to my community regardless. I would just rather serve the land from which I was birthed.

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