Having lived outside of Ghana for 9 years, I have gained a greater love for my country and also for the African continent. Spending 4 years in the U.S. for college has allowed me to interact with Africa differently and reflect on the continent through many academic fields, thus encouraging me to think deeper on the issues that Africa faces.

As an economics major, I have grown to challenge the decisions the leaders on the continent make financially, as well as the methods they use to combat poverty. Understanding economic theory has led me to question the effectiveness of such decisions on countries such as Ghana that are struggling to overcome certain structural hurdles in the name of development.

As an avid follower of Business, I have also begun to notice the opportunities that Ghana and Africa at large present for problem solvers. Within all the problems we seem to face and complain about, there lie hidden gems and silver clouds that our generation must unearth to help the continent thrive. My time in the U.S. has allowed me to see the opportunities that lie in technology, energy, healthcare, and even simple infrastructure that can unlock the potential of Ghana and its neighboring countries. "Africa Rising" is not a myth fabricated to justify what appears to be signs of Neo-colonialism from the East. It is proof that there lie tremendous opportunities to create change. However, it is not easy to see such dynamics from inside the continent.

Living in the U.S. forces you to grapple with certain issues you simply would not encounter in Ghana and maybe other parts of Africa. Issues especially related to race possess the ability to expose matters of oppression and discrimination that one may not normally observe. However these issues have also instilled a stronger sense of attachment and belonging within my own culture. I have found a higher level of intrigue and desire to know the state of my country.

After 4 years in the U.S., my identity has become more complex. In the same breath, it is still defined by the land that I was born in. I represent Ghana and will always dedicate all my efforts to making my nation proud.

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