Isn’t life funny? I remember living in Nigeria, dreaming and wishing to relocate to America in order to fulfill the American Dream. Coming to America made me realize so many things about my culture, my future, and myself. Please do not misunderstand, as I appreciate all the opportunities I have been afforded as a result of living in this country. I understand my privilege as a resident of this country. However, it is not in my good conscience that I keep whatever talents I possess here. Initially, my goal was to go to medical school and return to Nigeria to pursue a career in humanitarian work. Not a lot of people know this, but the Biafra War in Nigeria influenced the inception of the service organization “Doctors Without Borders”. I felt it was my duty to align myself and do humanitarian work with this organization. However, my plans changed and I do not know if medical school is still in my future plans. I do know that no matter what career path I choose, I most definitely will be going back to Nigeria to further develop the country that raised me. While I love America and appreciate this country so much, there is no place like home. Nigeria is my home.

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