May 1st was Ethiopian Easter. I was feeling so festive so I called home to my parents and talked to them for a long while. I really miss the Dulet, a dish that my mom makes during the holidays. Dulet is a traditional meal prepared from finely cut meat, butter, and some pepper. I am sorry that I can’t explain it more. Not because I learned English just last year when I came to Cornell, but because it is what it is. That is the case for most traditionally or culturally worthy things from Africa. The more you try to explain them the more they lose their value. Also, just in case you are wondering, many of my African friends may not know what Dulet is. You know why? This is because Africa is not a single country with a single way of life for all Africans. We are as diverse as it gets. Just in Ethiopia alone there are more than 80 ethnic groups. And there are 53 other “Ethiopias” in Africa. Different countries, some more diverse and others less.

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