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My name is Ato Bentsi-Enchill. I am a double major in International Relations, French & Francophone studies, with a minor in African Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY. I am also the co-founder of RevisionPrep, a company that was established when my partner and childhood friend, Ike Kyei, and I reflected on our experiences as young students in Ghana before we came to the United States for our high school and college educations. We found the typical “chew, pour, pass, and forget” memorization method that most Ghanaian students use as a form of studying to be problematic. We then sought to find a way to help students understand the concepts behind questions to effectively answer them rather than through rote memorization. During my freshman year in college, I entered the schools, Stu Lieblein Pitch Competition, a business plan competition and won the grand prize of $10,000. This provided the funding that was necessary to eventually grow RevisionPrep from an idea to reality.  










As for how the name RevisionPrep came about, Ike and I were brainstorming names and we originally came up with CreativePrep. We were essentially trying to get students to be creative with their answers and that’s where the first bit of that name came from. “Prep” is short for preparation. We wanted to make sure students were prepared for their exams through a creative means. At the time, I also needed a name for the business competition, so we rolled with CreativePrep for a while. Then, one day it hit me that “RevisionPrep” sounded way better. Our ultimate mission is to help students revise and prepare for their exams effectively.  


RevisionPrep is currently running our second pilot program with students from various schools around Ghana’s capital city, Accra. We have unfortunately run into some challenges, but our goal is to turn these into learning experience. We are putting together another iteration of RevisionPrep’s core function and hoping to release it to the public this coming summer.  The $10,000 from my first competition primarily went towards my transportation to Ghana, building the website,  and paying teachers for the explanations and answers they provided to the questions we curated for RevisionPrep.  At the moment, RevisionPrep is pre-revenue. With our current business model, we plan on making money through subscriptions.











Due to the international presence of our group, running the company can be quite difficult. Our team is currently spread out in 4 time zones, but we still keep in constant communication with each other. This has been difficult and of course we have made mistakes,  but that’s what I love about us; we get back up, dust ourselves off, and continue towards our goals.  


Our future goals are really big. Some might say they are unrealistic, but that word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. I plan to make a huge impact in Ghana and then conduct studies around West Africa to determine whether or not our model could work in neighboring countries. We then plan to expand continent-wide and continue the good work we started in Ghana. RevisionPrep will be one of Africa’s premier education service companies in no time. With my team, our collective determination and our unwavering grit, this vision will come to fruition soon.

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