From Nigeria to Namibia,  our African sisters and brothers are protesting against various injustices. We, at I, AFRICA™ would like to do our little to help by creating a platform that further amplifies their voices.













These are the stories of our brothers and sisters across the continent fighting against injustices.

Were We Wrong 

Adenike Isenibi

I  thought they were supposed to be protecting us 

Aren't they supposed to be the ones to run to for solace

I thought I heard they will give their lives to get us covered 

I thought they swore to defend us

I thought I heard them say they will lead us to bulwark against all

Honestly I would've sworn I heard a chain of change 

I would've given anything to proof I heard "it's time to smile again" 

Not until the hands of the supposed defender soaked with the blood of the innocent 

Not until I saw the sailor of the great ship dozing in the middle of the deep sea

Not until I saw the HEAD staring quietly at the face of our excruciating pain

Not until our supposed arm of strength flagging around uncontrollably 

When the cord of our unity is been shredded almost in pieces

Was that day of  rejoicing in vain when we were promised "the freedom of movement" 

Were we living in illusion when we heard that we could go and return in peace? 

Why is my heart beating so fast when I walk the road of my father's land

Why is the Rock of Tomorrow rolling on away for the fear of it. 

Why has our Buckler turned the Tyranny 

Why haven't there be an end to the wicked. 

Why do we still have to deal with SARS why again I ask why.