We are Africa enthusiasts from all across the Continent.

Lauretta Onwuegbuzie


Communications Director

I am Lauretta Onwuegbuzie, a final year Law student at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I am a Nigerian and I live in my country but I hope to visit many African countries in coming years.  I am very passionate about writing across different genres and I also love all things “Communications”. I like to use the skills that I have groomed over the years in the areas I'm passionate about to help organizations tell amazing stories. I hope to work with the African Union one day so that I can help influence laws and policies that will help Africa to develop beyond what we have today based on the realities of our people. This is why I became a part of I, AFRICA™, an organization that promotes telling our stories as Africans.


roberta ezike

Executive Coordinator

My name is Roberta Ezike and I am a Nigerian-American born in Newark, NJ! I am a huge movie enthusiast and I have a huge thirst for travel. I also have a profound interest in sustainability and food security, especially in Africa (my hopes are that all children are fed). My friends and family are my biggest drivers as well as seeing African people thrive. I am working with I, AFRICA™  because I want to help illuminate the wonderfully beautiful, eclectic, and diverse stories of African people.

Claudia Cassoma

cláudia cassoma

Program Director

I am Cláudia Cassoma––born and raised under the far-famed Luanda’s warmth. Having held a chalk before I even knew what or how to write and using an old window as a board, just so I could impart knowledge to the little ones around me, led me to study education. Today, among many things I am an educator, an artist and someone constantly looking to positively influence the world. Even before I knew what it meant to be an active citizen, I have always been concerned with the welfare of the communities in which I belong and, it is this intuitive understanding that prompted me to join this promising organization called I, AFRICA™.

Ida Adjivon

ida adjivon

Executive Director

My name is Ida Adjivon. I was born in Togo, West Africa and moved to the US when I was 12 years old. I am currently finishing my Master’s in Public Health in Boston. I have always felt the need to give back and so started on a pre-med track for a bit. But, I became passionate about more hands on work, which Public Health is all about. My passion for I, AFRICA™ comes from my love for the motherland. What I have seen and experienced in living in Togo was very different from what is portrayed on media about the continent, so I wanted to help change that!